Cross-lp-staking! BULO!

Written by Comrade Eyesss

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July 9, 2022

Staking rewards on tinyman! 

Beloved comrades! Hold on to your bandanas, hoist your red flags high on the barricades!

We are proud to announce the first big project of our new ASA: Cross-LP-staking with our humanist comrades from BULO coin! 

Huzzah! But what does it mean?

If you hold 2+ BULO/Algo LP tokens on Tinyman, you will be rewarded in Commie Coin!

If you hold 11+ Commie/Algo LP tokens on Tinyman, you will be rewarded with BULO! Opt-in to BULO ASA ID 498684064 to receive your rewards!

Both will yield you 15% APR at the moment, perhaps we will need to adjust after a while to circumnavigate capitalist forces.


The whole operation is made possible through the amazing work of The Algo Faucet – check them out for other airdrops and staking options!

Wen, wen, wen?

The staking is live now! 

What is a… BULO?

BULO Coin is a real shitcoin with absolutely no use case and no roadmap! It was created to have fun with the Algorand ecosystem and community. To the Commie Coin Politburos’s knowledge, based on in-depth intelligence, their core values as based on exquisite paint-art, humanism, and the desire not to rug-pull comrades. 

We love BULO and admire their MaybeMap. Learn more about the project on their super-friendly discord server

Inspect their very nice webpage: and subreddit: …and stay up to date on their bulo channel here in our own proletariat nest.


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