Commie Coin #013 Giveaway!

Commie Coin #013 Giveaway!

CommieBulo NFT Giveaway!

Celebrating our cross-lp-staking with BULO, we are givine away a free Commie Coin #013 NFT!

All you need to do in order to win it is visit our discord server, and click 🎉 Party Popper Emoji | Tada Emoji in the #giveaways channel!
The competition ends in three days from now, so better get in the breadqueue, comrades!

Special Airdrop

For those comrades or art connoisseurs who hold this NFT on the 7th of August, there will be a one-time airdrop of 10.000 Commies!

You can also buy the Commie Coin #013 NFT here for 5 Algos, and also qualify for the airdrop:

Commie/Bulo nft collab!

Commie/Bulo nft collab!

Great minds unite!

To celebrate the cross-LP-staking between BULO and Commie Coin, @Kalamar – Erasme and @Eyesss have committed an NFT collab!

One sublime memepropaganda for each of our ASA’s!

100 of each were minted for sales, 100 more for givaways and experimentation.

get your worker gloves on the NFT’s here

Commie Coin/BULO NFT:

BULO/Commie Coin NFT:

They each cost 5Algo, and all proceeds from the Commie Coin/BULO sales go to replenishing our community wallet, were we will vote on what to use it for.

Special Airdrop

For those comrades or art connoisseurs who hold this NFT on the 7th of August, there will be a one-time airdrop of 10.000 Commies!

The BULO/Commie Coin NFT are currently are completely useless, but they are nice to have anyway! Maybe sometime in the future we will come up with some uses cases for them

[Comrade Eyesss suspects that there will be a usecase for them, but that is solely based on his metaethicocommitunes speculations and knowledge of Kalamar’s modus operandi]




Cross-lp-staking! BULO!

Cross-lp-staking! BULO!

Staking rewards on tinyman! 

Beloved comrades! Hold on to your bandanas, hoist your red flags high on the barricades!

We are proud to announce the first big project of our new ASA: Cross-LP-staking with our humanist comrades from BULO coin! 

Huzzah! But what does it mean?

If you hold 2+ BULO/Algo LP tokens on Tinyman, you will be rewarded in Commie Coin!

If you hold 11+ Commie/Algo LP tokens on Tinyman, you will be rewarded with BULO! Opt-in to BULO ASA ID 498684064 to receive your rewards!

Both will yield you 15% APR at the moment, perhaps we will need to adjust after a while to circumnavigate capitalist forces.


The whole operation is made possible through the amazing work of The Algo Faucet – check them out for other airdrops and staking options!

Wen, wen, wen?

The staking is live now! 

What is a… BULO?

BULO Coin is a real shitcoin with absolutely no use case and no roadmap! It was created to have fun with the Algorand ecosystem and community. To the Commie Coin Politburos’s knowledge, based on in-depth intelligence, their core values as based on exquisite paint-art, humanism, and the desire not to rug-pull comrades. 

We love BULO and admire their MaybeMap. Learn more about the project on their super-friendly discord server

Inspect their very nice webpage: and subreddit: …and stay up to date on their bulo channel here in our own proletariat nest.


Commie Collab launch!

Commie Collab launch!

Good Day Comrades! On behalf of comrade Headhead and myself, we have some exciting news! While there are some art collaborations coming with other ASAs soon, the most glorious of all labor is that which takes place amongst ourselves in the community! Over the last few months we have been working on an idea that came to Headhead and that we think you’ll love. Cast your eyes on our very first Commie Colab.

What is a commie collab?

Commie Colab is the name we have given to a little project for the community to get involved with. The basic idea is this:

One artist (that’s you) comes up with a very basic idea. An image to be built upon.

Artist one sends it to artist two who adds JUST ONE THING.

Artist two then send it back to artist one who adds just one thing and the process continues, two artists sending the image back and forth, adding as they for until both agree it is finished.

When each collab is done, it will be minted in four times, with a sales price the comrades themselves decide:

2 x that belong to the Community, where all proceedings go back to the community wallet.

1 x to each collaborator – They keep the proceeds for their labor, but 10% of the revenue is donated to the Commie Coin community wallet.

The comrades can either mint it themselves, or @Eyesss can mint it as part of an official Commie Coin series at ALGOxNFT We have been doing this in the background for the past little while until this morning when we finally agree the image is ready! This has been a very fun journey and we can’t wait to do more. We’ve had a really good time working on this together, and really recommend others in our community go forth and challenge one another too!

Lo and behold! The very first Commie Collab #0001

Ukrainian Borscht recipe

Ukrainian Borscht recipe


In solidarity with the Ukrainian people I’ll be walking us through the national dish of Ukraine, Borscht.

Borscht is a hearty stew that uses beets to create an earthy, fruity broth that will give you the strength to make it through winter.

This recipe makes 6 servings. I’m breaking out all the stops for this one to do the dish justice.

4 hours before

Combine ½ cup of sliced beets

2 Tbsp red wine vinegar

1 tsp white sugar

I slice my beets by peeling them and cutting off the greens. Then I lay the beet on where I cut the greens off and I halve them then taking the halves and slicing them into thin chunks

This will make a slightly pickled beet to toss in your borscht to give it a fruity tang. You can skip this and still have a lovely borscht. 

Get started

When you are ready to start cooking break out your large dutch oven or stock pot and add,

  • 12 oz beef  -i used lean chuck but in my opinion anything on sale will do
  • 7 cups of water
  • 8 oz of bacon
  • 2 tsp salt
  • ½ tsp pepper
  • 4 sprigs parsley
  • 1 tsp fresh basil
  • 1 tsp dried marjoram

Let this simmer on the stove for about 2 hours to let the beef tenderize stirring occasionally, after 2 hours add:

  • 1 cup leeks
  • 1 medium onion
  • 2 cups beets
  • 6 cups cabbage which will be about half a head
  • 1 lb of smoked sasuage like polish sausage
  • 5 carrots cut to preferred size

Let this simmer for another 30 minutes, the beets will start turning white and your broth will become a beautiful red, similar to the color of red wine, Salud and Slava Ukraini.

Prices of ingredients when I purchase them in US dollars, Each price is figured down to the weight that’s used which is why some of these prices may seem very low.

Recipe cost 

Lean Beef Chuck $5.71 
Beets $2.44
½ pound of bacon $2.18
Fresh parsley $.49
Fresh basil $.99
Leeks $2.55
Onion $.54
½ head of cabbage $.82
Polish sausage $3.98
Carrots $.50
Recipe total cost $20.20

Periodical plans

Periodical plans

This is the beginning of the Commie Coin Periodical

For a long time the comrades have had the ambition to launch a full blown magazine in printed form, with political debate, satire, art and not the least, food for the proletariat.

Now that we have a website, we want to start publishing articles from the commmunity – experiment and find our form, and at regular intervals publish them as an official Commie Coin periodical.